"Dropship CEO" Is For Sale

Dropship CEO is an online digital course that shows anyone how to setup an Amazon e-commerce business using retail arbitrage (scanning barcodes in stores, purchasing, and listing online) and private labeling (getting an item created at wholesale prices, i.e. kitchen spatulas from China, and selling at retail).

We created this course in 2014 and have made slight alterations/updates to the videos/screenshots over the years, but for the most part, Amazon's interface has not really changed. The course and content are still current.

We are selling our membership site, www.dropshipceo.com, to only ONE single buyer. This includes:

  • The dropshipceo.com domain name and addon domain name feedbackpatrol.com
  • The frontend sales letter and backend membership site to take orders (WordPress)
  • The built-in "Amazon customer feedback" software-as-a-service Feedback Patrol tool our students use to boost their Amazon rankings -- including full source code
  • The Dropship CEO customer list (351 buyers) so you can sell an updated version or additional upsells
  • All graphics files so you can print-on-demand physical copies of this course's written manuals (the covers & files for the DVDs and printed manuals, ready to upload to Kunaki and Lulu print-on-demand)
  • The multiple 5 pitch webinars we used to sell the course -- you get video replays PLUS the original PowerPoint files to customize or re-do as you wish

The fine print:

  • We are currently not running any consistent traffic to the site. Our total income from this site was $86,697, but the monthly income (and traffic) is not consistent
  • You must transfer the domain names and websites to your own hosting, and change the payment buttons to your own. We will not host it. However, we will migrate the WordPress site to your own hosting for free upon request
  • Dropship CEO and Feedback Patrol completely become yours, we can no longer sell it. We also have not, and will not, grant anyone else the rights to sell this content. Although we will not sign any official non-compete contract, we promise not to market any Amazon e-commerce course within the next 2 years
  • We've been selling this at $247 but you can re-price however you want, for example, set a monthly price for the Feedback Patrol software

Price: $5,000 (offer expires Monday, December 23th, 2019)

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